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1. Can renewable energy projects compete without public assistance such as tax credits and production incentives (S-RECs)? 

Yes, current customers are not price or cost-sensitive and want renewable energy for other reasons.

Yes, because some renewable energy technology is cost-competitive as is.

No, and public policy directed at supporting renewable enegy projects and offsetting costs is critical to the sucess of this technology and industry.

2. How familiar are you with the proposed changes in renewable energy tax credits, grants and other state and federal programs designed to assist renewable energy finance?

Not very familiar.  Very familiar.

3. How important are the federal and state renewable energy incentives in the sale or financing of your current or planned projects?

Very important!  Nothing will happen without the incentives. 

These would help, but other factors are influence business.

Might help, but there's not enough market interest or demand among potential customers.

Not important, current customers are motivated for other reasons.

4. Given a choice, would you prefer production incentives that are market based and volatile (S-RECs) or steady and stable, albeit slightly less valuable (FITs)?

S-RECs. FITs. Either.

5. When was the last time you looked at the federal or state web-sites to review incentive programs?

Look at them every day.

Looked at the sites within the past week.

Have not reviewed these sites for information, although I know they exist.

Did not know about these sites, or use DSIRE and others.

6. What type of assistance or guidance would you like to maximize financing opportunities?

Finance assistance. 

Site planning and permitting assistance.

Complete help: want someone to do if for me.  No help needed.

7. Where do you plan to get your financing?

100% customer funds.  A mix of customers funds and some credit.

Internally generated funds from business operations.

Investors for each project or series of projects. 

8. How many projects do you anticipate completing in 2012?

I do not really know.

I've done my homework:

9.  What would help you sell more renewable energy projects?  Easier access to credit and financing; speedy and efficient government grants and credits; lower product, supply and labor costs; or any other comments welcome:

Robert J Wolf, Esq. - JD/MBA

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